Spanish language 1

Spanish language 1

Study Cycle: 1




ECTS credit:3

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Rodriguez Diaz del Real Alejandro, izr. prof. dr. Šifrar Kalan Marjana


- understanding of written and spoken texts on everyday topics, drawn from different media and literature
- developing of a correct and fluent oral expression with the appropriate vocabulary and register primarily about everyday topics and current themes (narration, description)
- developing of writing skills, in conjunction with everyday issues and communication situations (CV, narrative essays, description)
- development of communication skills, with emphasis on the acquisition and use of new vocabulary and grammar in the following sections:
- verbal conjugation and mode: indicativo, subjuntivo (most common use), imperativo
- verb tenses: the formation and use of simple and complex tenses
- opposition ser / estar / haber (most common use)
- verbal perifrasis with infinitive and gerund