Sociology of Adult Education

Sociology of Adult Education




ECTS credit:5

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Mikulec Borut


Theoretical foundations of sociology of education: classical and contemporary theories of education (functionalism, utilitarianism, (symbolic) interactionism, Marxism, critical theory in education, reproduction theories).
Research traditions in the sociology of education (positivism, antipositivism and empiricism, epistemological problems of research in education, research paradigms in education, trends in quantitative and qualitative research methods,).
Social stratification, social mobility and education (inequality of educational opportunities, differences in educational attainment, education, occupational position and income, knowledge, power and education).
Participants of education by gender, age, social and educational background, ethnicity and regional origin; motivation and expectations of participants in education; their achievements in education.
The importance of the family in educational processes (family and school environment measurement, family, school, social and cultural capital, parental education, parents-school relations, economic status of the family).
Study of educational processes (sociological treatment of curriculum - hidden curriculum, acquisition of values and skills, socialization).