Speech Act Theory

Speech Act Theory

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Seminars: 30

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ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Vitez Primož

Communicational situation: participants, context. Subject and communicational intention. Influence of linguistic activity on extra-linguistic reality and vice-versa. Personal, temporal, spatial, discursive and social deixis. Speech act and performativity. Locution, illocution, perlocution. Implicite and explicite performatives. Uttering and utterance.
Problem of linguistic sign functioning. Hierarchical model of conversation. Structure of speech exchange and intervention. Argument in speech intervention. Shifters and uttering. Coherence. Argument as opening and closing of communication. Agreement, non-agreement, concession, conflict. Pragmatical aspects of media discourse. Discursive analysis of advertising.