Interlingual Communication and Culture 2: The Czech Language

Interlingual Communication and Culture 2: The Czech Language

Study Cycle: 2

Lectures: 0

Seminars: 0

Tutorials: 60

ECTS credit: 3

Lecturer(s): izr. prof. dr. Stankovska Petra, lekt. Maltarić Bojana, lekt. Muchova Zuzana

The course upgrades the knowledge, understanding, written and oral use of the Czech language, acquired in the undergraduate program.
The first half of the lessons is dedicated to learning about texts of the journalistic and administrative genres. Students read and analyze various administrative and journalistic texts (report, article, review, interview, polemic, advertisement, etc.) and create useful texts of administrative type (eg curriculum vitae, motivation letter, official letter, application, complaint), they also get acquainted with the peculiarities of the business language and the formal structure of a certain type of text (offer, order, contract, etc.). They also learn about and practise effective oral presentation of those kinds of texts.
The second half of the lessons is devoted to the translation of journalistic and more complex administrative texts with the aim of mastering the linguistic and formal elements typical of these texts in Czech and mastering the correct choice of equivalents in the target language. Written translation in both directions is included.
Part of the material for written translation consists of texts of fiction, with an emphasis on the linguistic side of the texts, the students apply their theoretical knowledge of the functional genre of artistic texts and language stratification to analyzed texts. This prepares them for further work with texts (master's thesis, translation).